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  • Marina Delsink


    My name is Marina Delsink.

    My email address is: marina@innuo.nl

    All the important and interesting things about us, our horses (MM) and our dogs you can learn from our homepage at www.innuo.nl. Our Mangalarga Marchador mare "Ideia vom Schloss Nienover" was born in 2007. We are excited about this beautiful mare.

    Regards Marina

  • Ester Tries

    My way to EAMM

    My name is Esther Tries, I am 38 years old and I live with my horses in the wild south of Germany. As a child I was an absolutly horse-fan and soon after the first "traditional" lessons in the local FN-oriented riding school I was vigorously Iceland horse. I had contact with Iceland horse owners and riders "of the first generation". I met the Icelandic horse and the additional gaits of the horses. I was like many people, the gaited horse virus do not let go.

    Subsequent visits to Andalusia had me excited fast for the classical-Iberian riding. I also was able to use traditional "Old-school" - no longer accept Iceland horse riding. It was too rough, too little and too little gymnastic horse needs. I have two of these conventional ridden horses and I am on the long and often arduous journey, they will get extensive willing, as I know by the Spanish cattle herders and Doma Vaquera. About this idea, to ride my horses "the other way", I met my trainer Dieter Mader, about him we know Astrid and with it the Mangalargas.

    After I was able to experience many representatives of this race at the German "Sela de Ouro" in the Kreiswald "live" and may as a last but not Astrid Nababo ride, I am convinced that the Mangalaga Marchador - of course next to my Icelanders - in the future will be "my" horse race.

    They have the added speed, but also enough Iberian blood in order to be able to offer me the joy of Marcha and the conditions for classical dressage. My next horse will certainly be a Mangalaga Marchador...

  • Brigitte Feige

    Brigitte Feige

    Dear Horse Friends,

    We breed with passion since 1999 Marchador. The Limbacher court, more information and many photos of our horses and ourselfs are on my homepage www.Gangpferdezucht.com.
    We hope that many people can still excited about this wonderful breed. Sunny greetings from the Westerwald


  • Petra Wippermann

    Our stallion Macio MM Andar Lugar de Paz  was born 08/05/2006, 03/25/2009 is licensed in Adelheitsdorf and entered in the Stallion Book 1 fed to us on 01/08/2009 in the family.

    First official appearance: Sela de Ouro 2010
    Character: A Chameur from head to toe!

    My Person: Petra Wippermann, born 03.10.1968 already infected animal came into the world, professionally experienced a lot and now my first step to Blacksmith part successfully passed!

    Through a friend who has a gelding Iceland, I came to the course horses. With my husband I met a lot of different horses and gear for the first own horse with more than 3 paces is our Racking Horse mare: Orion Mystery Might.
    Through my husband Detlef on "CIO " become aware, to know his breeder Anne Jacobi, resulting in a very good friendship has developed. With her, I was "Cio's' mother ride! A very nice feeling and I am still very grateful Gruna and of course Anne! I must confess that CIO has chosen us, because as hand horse of Aswan Cio winked at me!

  • Five Questions to Sabine Keller

    Question 1: What was your best experience on horseback?
    The best thing for me is to feel the great mutual trust again and again, as when I got a ride - in all paces - made only by a hurricane and have even had a hand horse there.

    Question 2: How did you come across the racial Mangalarga Marchador?
    As Chica was taken to a MM-sire, I had the first opportunity to ride a MM. This has me very much and I forgot the feeling again.

    Question 3: What inspired you to your Mangalarga Marchador?
    My MM despite their high mileage balance being fun and a good back activities without supporting neck while riding. This is very comfortable.

    Question 4: What is the biggest challenge for horse and rider, a good team to be?
    There is no challenge: the more you do with a horse, the more we grow together. Therefore, I take away the yearlings often as hand horse with the terrain and practice in the water, tarpaulins, etc. running

    Question 5: On EAMM I like...
    ... we finally have an opportunity to learn more about the MM and to learn about this breed in the country of origin.
    Sabine Keller

    Sabine Keller

    Sabine Keller

    Sabine Keller