• Einsatzmöglichkeiten

    Pace-riding and Endurance

    The Marcha can be ridden in an assembled slow working-pace and be increased up to high speeds. Mangalarga Marchador have been bred to cope with long distances over rough terrain and for farm work. On rides in Brazil, it can occur that the ride lasts for several hours at an average speed of 14 km / h. The horses are therefore suitable for distance rides in a very good way.
    zuverlässige Partner in Feld, Wald und Flur
    reliable partner in field, forest and meadow

    Due to their Iberian ancestors they have a high dressage talent and good canter ability. Meanwhile in Brazil as well as in Europe Mangalarga Marchador are capable of showing dressage on a high level. Depending on the training standard they can perform figures such as piaffe, pirouettes etc.
    Piaffe, Passage, Einerwechsel, Galopp-Piourette, u.v.m. zeigte dieser Marchador auf dem National Championship 2009
    This Marchador showed on the National Championship 2009 a Piaffe, Passage, Hand change in gallop, gallop Piourette.
    Working Riding, Working Equitation

    In Brazil, the Mangalarga Marchador are being used for the cattle work . Their courage and reliability make them important partners in chasing and catching the cattle. They are agile, fearless and fast. Because of these characteristics, they are also fit for the disciplines of the Working Equitation. Here a good canter is asked for, since many of the disciplines (Dressage , Trail , Speed trail and cattle work) are mainly completed in the gaits Marcha and canter. The education and training of a Mangalarga Marchador into a reliable Working Equitation horse takes about 4 years.
    Unerschrockenheit und Ausgeglichenheit bei der Rinderarbeit
    Braveness and stability in cattle work
    Multifunction , Jumpingn

    The Mangalarga Marchador has not been bred for jumping, but the horses can cope well with appropriate training jumps that are required in a trail or road. Individual horses have been shown on jumping events in Brazil with an enormous jumping ability who managed to jump obstacles up to 1,80 meters. However, these are the exceptions.
    nicht dafür gezüchtet – aber trotzdem möglich: Springen mit MMs
    not having been bred for - but still possible : Jumping with MMs
    Therapeutic Riding

    The breeders of MM did not only set a high value in a nice appearance of the horses and comfortable gaits, but also in the character of the Mangalargas which has become a special breeding criterion. They only breed with horses that are balanced, people-friendly and reliable. This created a horse that can, through their use in therapeutic riding, improve the quality of life for disabled people.
    ruhig und gelassen beim therapeutischen Reiten
    calm and composed in therapeutic riding
    In summary one can say that the Mangalarga Marchador is the ideal family, leisure and competition horse. It is suitable for many different disciplines and riding styles. He is willing to learn, willing to walk and has many talents, so that the training decides on the options. ein Marchador macht alles mit
    a Marchador can do anything