• Appearance and character

    The Mangalarga Marchador is a representative of medium sized breeds. It has a powerful and well-proportioned structure. Possibly also due to his Iberian ancestors it has a noble and harmonious expression. It has a lightweight and compact building. His coat is soft and smooth, even silky. The colors are varying extremely with preponderance in the white horses. Brown and black ones are more rare. In recent times, the blends and nuances are becoming more diverse. The check - in Brazil they are called pampas - are also strong on the rise.

    The temperament of a Mangalarga Marchador reflects the tension between willing and tame, but simultaneously active and agile. Its dynamics in particular in the Marcha is nimble, almost weightless. The maximum height for stallions and mares has been increased over the time. Today, the maximum height of a stallion is 1.57 meters, in a mare at 1.54 meters. The ideal size is currently specified in the race-statutes with 1.54 m and 1.47 m for stallions and mares.

    Mangalarga Marchadores

    The head

    Perhaps the most striking feature of the Mangalarga Marchador is the head shape. The silhouette should be triangular and work as harmoniously as possible. Desirable is a wide and flat front. Convex or strong concave shapes are ruled out. Another characteristic feature is the eye of the horse. They should be large and prominent, expressive and, above all, with long lashes.

    It is also striking that the ears should be light crescent -shaped and parallel, the tips of the ears should show to the inside. The nape and neck should be well defined, flexible and athletic. The mouth is medium in size and equipped with fixed, equal-sized, well-moving lips. The nostrils are bigger proportionate and very mobile.

    Mangalarga Marchadores

    The neck

    Another typical feature of the race is the pyramid-shaped neck, which is in a balanced proportion to the building. He is of muscular structure and very flexible. The neck of the stallion can be bent slightly concave. This is a gender-specific expression in the male animal. The mane should be fine and silky. In practice, however, any version can be found. All imaginable colors and color combinations, often in contrast with the color of the coat, can be found, to almost baroque lengths and curls ... there are no limits imaginable.

    Mangalarga MarchadoresMangalarga Marchadores

    The torso

    The withers of the Mangalarga Marchador should be well defined to the body, long and well distinguished. The chest should be deep, long, muscular and not outstanding. The back of the horse should be of medium length, straight and equipped with a strong muscle. Loin short and straight with a harmonious connection of back to the tail, very muscular. The tail of the Mangalarga should be planted in a good position, short attached tail, and laid down, while the tip should preferably be bent slightly upward when the animal moves. The tail’s hair is ideally fine, not too bushy and of silky appearance.

    Mangalarga Marchadores

    The foundation

    The shoulder of the Mangalarga Marchador is again considered one of the most significant features of the horse. It will be very long and mainly forward downward from the withers. It must be clearly defined by a strong muscle to the neck. As a result, the impact of the forward step of the Marcha will be absorbed and provides comfort. Forearm and lower legs are long, muscular and correctly placed. Ankle dry, strong, correct position. Strong cannon bone, rear tube straight, short, dry and upright with strong, visible tendons; pastern of medium length and very oblique, strong joints. Overall, the inclination of the rear pastern should be a little stronger than the front, because this is again a major factor influencing the smoothness of the stepping off and thus for the comfort of Marcha
    Mangalarga Marchadores