• Sela de Ouro - Bewerbung

    Who would like to unsubscribe for one Sela de Ouro may send a short concept with key words at the office:

    Verena Thielhorn
    Weserstraße 17
    64560 Riedstadt

    Requirements for hosting a Sela de Ouro

    - track in the field 25 – 35 km

    - oval track or a big plane field for preparing an oval track, hall, riding place (it must be guaranteed to do the "evaluation " and "Prova Functional". A field which can become wet and slippery is not enough.)

    - Sound system for oval track or square (fixed or rented)

    - Paddock place (about 30 paddocks 4 x 5 m) / parking (50 cars, 30 cars with trailers)

    - Place for stable tent or box rentals at the plant or in the immediate vicinity (not more than 2 - 3 km)

    - The water supply for the paddocks may be water supply via water trucks

    - Power distributor of computer and sound system (no electricity for campers)

    - hay, straw for horse paddock and boxes

    - Judge seating / tables / tents

    - Organizing the evening event (s) for 50 - 70 people

    - Event Catering of participants and visitors (possibly via an external company)

    - Hotel Directory (50 - 70 people in 10-km radius)

    - Material for the trail course (about 10 bars, gate, 8 pylons, 3 tons, 2 jumps)

    - "accommodation" of the computer and music system in a dry place with electricity (possibly a large horse trailer)

    - seating (beer benches) for the spectators

    - veterinarian, blacksmith, doctor / medical service

    - event insuranceschauer
    Sela de Ouro - Bewerbung

    Sela de Ouro - BewerbungSela de Ouro - Bewerbung

    Sela de Ouro - Bewerbung