• Sela de Ouro 2011

    Donations from the proceeds of the Sela de Ouro 2011           
    Again this year we have donated the proceeds of the Sela de Ouro for a "good cause".
    The donation of 1,000 Euros was awarded to each equal to two devices for therapeutic riding:

    1.) Reittherapiezentrum "Abenteuerland" in Aachen
    2.) Stiftung "Aloha Riders", NL - Rotterdamm

    Comment on the Sela de Ouro 2011

    Everything was well prepared. Lucio Flavio sent the shirts and the starting numbers together with the referée Tiago de Resende Garcia. ABCCMM sent the referée. The track was marked, the parcours was ready and the sun was shining with wonderful 20 °C - not too hot and not too cold and no flies! - and 30 participants were ready to celebrate a great Mangalarga Marchador weekend with sportive riding activities, clinics, parties and good times with friends.

    On Thursday June 9, 2011 we welcomed with a lot of joy and thankfulness our « arbitro » Tiago de Resende Garcia for the Sela de Ouro Germany 2011.
    The participants arrived during Friday. Some of them were allready present when Ute Lehmann gave a clinic about biomechanics and horse behaviour. A very interesting presentation of how the body of the horse functions and how to encourage welcomed behaviour of the horse and the other way around.

    By 6:00 pm all the participants had taken care of their horses and arrived at the "Welcome Party" in the hay hotel. It was a big welcome between those who knew eachother and also those who were new in the EAMM. Here everybody got all the necessary information about the event as well as the SdO shirts and starting numbers. Astrid Oberniedermayr – the president of EAMM – welcomed everybody and thanked all the helping hands who were involved in the organization and planning in advance and wished a successful and joyful Sela de Ouro to all the participants.

    Saturday morning at 10:00 am 30 Mangalarga Marchadores with their riders met at the riding place and lined up. It was a wonderful picture to see all these wonderful horses with their riders infront of Diakon Fettel who held a very emotional speech and did the horse blessing of each individu- al horse. After a comon praying the first group started with the music of the alphorn players. It was a very festive start of the Sela de Ouro Germany 2011 and many of the riders had tears in their eyes!

    Dieter Mader – the sports director – marked a 25 km track in the fields and forests in advance and the group had to follow the SdO signs and find the right way. It was a great track and the par- ticipants had to climb up some mountains and go down steep paths. They had to cross a creek and after the first 15 km they all met again for the lunch break at the "Steigkopfhütte" with a cold and warm buffett and water for the horses.

    After lunch break the track went on for another 10 km and all the groups arrived happily and full of stories about their advantures during the track. Tiago de Resende Garcia tested every single horse during the track and made his notes and marks.

    Twenty minutes after arrival the veterinarian – Alexandra Köster – made the Vet-Check with very good results. Several horses had a heartbeat of 36 and only one was with 60 heartbeats the highest. So all the participants qualified for the Sela de Ouro in Brazil and seven of them will go: Astrid Bongers, Denise van Gerwen, Regina Lennartz, Tristan van Blaricum, Michael Bader, Klaus Schwecke and Ginger Stam. We are sure, they will have a great time.

    But the SdO in Germany was not finished yet. In the evening the participants and their friends as well as other EAMM members celebrated the "Noite Brasileira" with good food, caipirinhas and dancing. It was a party full of friendship and positive emotions and good mood. What a great Saturday!

    On Sunday 9:00 am the day began with a clinic of Tiago de Resende about Marcha and how to evaluate Marcha Batida and Marcha Picada. The room was very crowded and everybody listened carefully in order to learn more about the special gait of Mangalarga Marchador. At 11:00 the participants met at the oval
    track to get the practical part in the "Evaluation".
    4 groups were starting: stallions, mares and two groups of geldings. Tiago gave the comments and explanation of the ranking by microphone in English with translation into German of Ute Lehmann and Verena Thielhorn.

    After the "Evalutation" and a short lunch break with potatoe cakes with salmon the participants had to do the "Prova de Acao". Everybody tried his very best and it was interesting for the public that some things – e.g. to open and close a gate – seems to be more difficult than expected.
    Tiago watched carefully and made notes and marks in order to rank the five best riders.

    Finally, all the participants came together inside the oval track and lined up for the honouring. Tiago anounced the ranking and gave the participants' medals to everybody. Afterwards he anounced the ranking of the five best riders and a wonderful and exciting Sela de Ouro Germany 2011 ended with the round of honour of thirty Mangalarga Marchadores!

    We want to thank ABCCMM and Caminhos Gerais for all the support! Thank you for sending this wonderful man Tiago de Resende Garcia! Thank you for the shirts and starting numbers! Thanks for having given us this Sela de Ouro qualification to Europe! Thank you for your friendship!

    Placements (only the first 3 of each category):

    1. Apolo do Salto
    2. Norte do Conforto
    3. Patek de Maripá

    1. Isis

    Geldings cat. 1:
    1. Abissinio vom Kreiswald
    2. Vaidoso do Mundo Novo
    3. Destemido Haras dos Pratas

    Geldings cat. 2:
    1. Ilias do Cheyenne
    2. Abismo Jota Esse
    3. Veneno da Pedra Verde

    The 5 best riders:
    1. Dieter Mader
    2. Astrid Oberniedermayr
    3. Marion Vatter
    4. Ulrich Eschenbacher
    5. Ginger Stam
    Sela de Ouro 2011
    Otto van Blaricum, Treasurer, presented the donation of the SDO 2011 to Kerstin Keus, riding therapy center "Abenteuerland" (MV, 17.03.12)

    Sela de Ouro 2011

    Sela de Ouro 2011

    Sela de Ouro 2011
    alphorn players and Diakon Fettel give the blessing

    Sela de Ouro 2011

    Sela de Ouro 2011

    Sela de Ouro 2011
    Judge Tiago de Resende Garcia

    Sela de Ouro 2011
    Vet-Check with Dr. Köster

    Sela de Ouro 2011
    Evaluation, here: Tristan van Blaricum  

    Sela de Ouro 2011

    Sela de Ouro 2011

    Sela de Ouro 2011

    Sela de Ouro 2011
    presentation ceremony

    Sela de Ouro 2011
    Prova de Acao

    Sela de Ouro 2011

    Sela de Ouro 2011judge Tiago de Resende and Verena Thielhorn