• Sela de Ouro 2010

    Results of the “Sela de Ouro” 2010

    Horse Rating:

    1. Macio Andar Lugar de Paz
    2. Haxixe da Porteira de Tabúe
    3. Luigi from Kreiswald
    4. Lutador  

    1. Relevo de Calciolandia
    2. Destemido Haras das Pratas
    3. Vaidoso do Novo Mundo
    4. Duque do Campo Verde
    5. Veneno da Pedra Verde
    6. Dominante do Jardim Brasil  


    1. Lorinda do Campo Verde
    2. Baronesa
    3. Mesquita vom Cassenshof
    4. Bijou do Campo Verde

    Rider Rating:

    Category Stallion Rider:
    1. Germain Ricardo
    2. Petra Wippermann
    3. Klaus Schwecke gemeinsam mit Julius Aevarson

    Category Gelding Rider:
    1. Dieter Mader
    2. Astrid Oberniedermayr
    3. Hilte van Blaricum gemeinsam mit Anette Feist
    4. Dr. Guido Steinel
    5. Heide Küsters

    Category Mare Rider:
    1. Helmi Stam
    2. Josée Jansen
    3. Astrid Bongers
    4. Hans Stickel


    Feedback from “Sela de Ouro” participants

    1. Reinhard Habichtsberg, participating with "Askia"
    Dear Astrid  and all other active riders,
    Thank you for the wonderful event. For me it was very successful, from aspects of the organization meeting, the welcome party on Friday, the exciting cross country ride, the festival on Saturday and the “Prova” competition on Sunday. Everything happened in a relaxed and cordial atmosphere. Each item was super prepared; particularly I want to mention the overall friendliness and sense of community that has developed between the participants from Brazil, Germany and the Netherlands (hopefully I did not forget any nation).
    Congratulations to the organizers of this great “Sela de Ouro” event;I wish to all those who are lucky enough a great “Caminhos Gerais” event.
    Best regards, Reinhard.

    1. Petra and Detlef Wippermann, participating with “Macio Andar Lugar de Paz”
    Hi Astrid,
    This event was the first and probably the greatest we ever participated at. Absolutely well organized, an honor for us to be able to meet the Brazilian visitors. For us this event represents an unbelievable enrichment of our lives and we also want to recognize the quality of friendship among the participants. That`s the wayriding is fun!!! Anyone who knows me, knows that I`m talking a lot sometimes; this weekend however had me lost for words. Great EAMM and everything that is behind it. EAMM keep going!!!!! Ah yes, a crazy backdrop!
    Best regards, Petra and Detlef

    1. Josee Jansen and Ies Weeda,  participating with “Mesquita vom Cassenshof”
    Hi Astrid,
    Josée and I want to thank you and all others who have participated in the organization of the“Sela de Ouro” event in Germany. Please pass on our appreciation to all concerned. We enjoyed it very much and hope to see you all in September at Helmi`s.
    Cheers, les and Josée

    2. Esther, spectator and party participant
    Hi Astrid,
    I want to thank you for a great weekend! It was great fun to be with you and to party with you. I am very inspired and I am looking forward to the next course in July. First of all I want to wish you a great time in Brazil! My best regards to the other ones, too, Dieter, Heide, Klaus, Fritz ... it was very nice with all of you!
    Lots of kisses, Esther

    3. Astrid  Oberniedermayr, participating with “Destemido Haras das Pratas”
    Hello everybodyl!
    For me it was a great weekend, too. I was sure that this would be a nice event, but I did not expect that this would be such a great MM and EAMM party. We all should be proud of the large number of participants, the trouble-free participation of all competitions (cross country, obstacle and evaluation), the super- good mood throughout the event and that all of us - without exception – could make international friendships. Thank you for being there. Especially those who had a very long way to go. I am already happy to see you all again very soon (shortly in Brazil, or what do you think about meeting at Helmi`s in September?) Hope you all and many more will join “Sela de Ouro” 2011!
    Best regards Astrid  

    4. Hans Stickel,  participating with Baronesa
    Sugarloaf beats Table Mountain! The moved forward final at “Kreiswald”... what a dream weekend compared to the tired opening kicks in South Africa! While the first games in South Africa were schlepping along we scored big time at the“Sela de Ouro”.

    The Brazilian delegation, consisting of 10 participants, arrived just in time and met with the German-Dutch group to spend the Mangalarga Marchador weekend together.

    Warming-up and briefing meetings took place on Friday evening with the President of “ABCCMM”, Magdi Shaat and the President of “Caminhos Gerais”, Lucio Flavio together with the entire team of more than 40 MM experts from across Europe. The participants were informed in detail about the first European“Sela de Ouro” event.

    Start on Saturday morning: the participants moved on in groups of five.  First destination was the“Starkenburg”part of the city of“Heppenheim”, passing through the natural paradise “Odenwald”, with forests and meadows, remote from civilization. Horse and rider were checked on the way by a Brazilian MM-judge, who came here for that purpose only. No one got lost due to the safe guidance of experienced local riders and even the short-term drizzling rain did not affect the spirit of adventure.

    The group was welcomed with hooray yells by the “ground crew”- all non rider folks-and all together enjoyed the offered snacks.

    The break was the first chance for discussing conclusions and for a lot of "horse talk". On the way back the sun came out and the view was brightening up. Dream-views of the hills of the “Odenwald” and the Rhine valley. The Brazilians couldn`t stop marveling. Each kind of tree had to be explained, because most of them hadn`t seen oak, ash, and lime in their lives before.

    Party time in the evening and having fun until late night. It does not always have to be “Caipirinha”, a dry Riesling wine and a good DJ make for international understanding as well. The crowd became more and more excited, some dancers showed their very personal interpretation of the “Marcha Batida / Picada” gait!

    On Sunday the “Prova de Acao” (obstacle ride) competition started: the participants had to maneuver their horses through the obstacle track. With much dedication and commitment each rider was able to carry out the tasks. Some professionals impressed with “gala performances”, hats off!

    Under the Brazilian judge`s very nose the evaluation took place. The participants were eagerly awaiting the publication of the results. But really, there were only winners to admire.

    Extra applause to Petra Wippermann, who had prepared her young stallion for months for the exam. Petra, who had traveled from the far North, won the individual ranking. Tears of happinessrolled down her cheeks. ...this was perhaps the emotional highlight of the event.

    However, each participant benefited from the event by learning from his individual feedback and advices on how he could continue to improve.

    After the distribution of the medals followed the big surprise for everybody: Magdi Shaat expressed, that the Sela de Ouro event will come back to Europe in 2011.The starting record in 2010 should be broken by the participation of an even larger team and manymore Mangalarga Marchador horses. EAMM did accept the challenge.

    All in all it was a dream weekend, we hardly could imagine: a successful organization, happy participants and unforgettable experiences. Perhaps the most important thing: the understanding across continents, new friendships for life. I've been part of it!

    Greetings Hans

    Otto and Hiltje van Blaricum, participating with “Duque do Campo Verde”
    Astrid, many thanks for the excellent weekend we had and all the hard work you obviously put into it. You deserve an extra medal! We especially appreciate to have met Mr Baioneta and family, Magdi Shaat and all the other Brazilian visitors, they made it very special.
    Hiltje and Otto

    Alice Cristina Fonseca, participatingwith “Odysseia vom Kreiswald”
    The Mangalarga Marchador Sela de Ouro in Germany will never be forgotten. I am very happy that I could ride a Mangalarga Marchador at such a wonderful, meaningful and well organized event. Wonderful, because of the beautiful track chosen and the friendly and exciting surrounding. Meaningful, because of the social intention behind it. The excellent program, perfect timing, beautiful location and evening meetings with parties proved how carefully the event was organized. Congratulations! See you all, and many more, at next year`s MM Sela de Ouro!
    Alice Cristina Fonseca - Haras Clarion, Brazil

    Helmi Stam – Rademaker together with horse trainer Germain Ricardo participating with Haxixe and Lorinda do Cheyenne
    Hello dear MM-friends! We had a wonderful Sela de Ouro weekend in Germany! Organizers, thank you very much, I pay you my compliments! It was very nice to see all the old and new MM friends from Germany and Brazil. I admire Magdi Shaat, the President of the ABCCMM, who arrived Friday night from Brazil and left Saturday night, just to be in Germany especially for the very first Sela de Ouro in Europe! The weather was good, (besides a small rain shower on Saturday morning!), the horses were well accommodated in boxes and on paddocks. The landscape with hills and forests was beautiful. We all loved it! The Dutch group participated with 5 horses: Duque do Campo Verde ridden by Hiltje van Blaricum (also owner) Bijou do Campo Verde ridden by Astrid Bongers (also owner) Mesquita vom Cassenshof ridden by Josée Jansen (also owner), Haxixe da Porteira de Tabua ridden by Germain Ricardo, gaited horse trainer from Curacao (owner of Haxixe: Helmi Stam ) and Lorinda do Cheyenne ridden by Dora, the Brazilian winner of the Sela de Ouro in 2009 (owner of  Lorinda: Helmi Stam). The horses were not used to riding uphill and on cobblestones but that did not cause any problems. We will be present again next year and hopefully with even more participants from all over Europe!
    Kind regards,
    Helmi Stam – Rademaker, Haras Campo Verde Netherland, www.mangalarga - marchador.nl

    Josee Jansen together with les Weeda, participating with Mesquita
    Hello, dear MM-friends, “SdO Germany”was a totally new experience for me, my horse and Ies. I've learned a lot more about the gaits and the various skills of my horse! It was very nice to meet other gaited horses and their owners. In our opinion it's not so easy to organize events like this, so congratulations, that it was organized in this way. Only the information given on Friday night was a bit chaotic. My suggestion for the next time would be to give instructions and information for the participants of the SdO in a separate spot or room apart from the music and noise of the rest of the tournament. In this place we could also talk about experiences we made with our horses, etc. In other words: we ask for a more suitable spot/room for the EAMM-SdO event within the tournament.
    Lots of greetings, Josée, Ies and Mesquita
    Sela de Ouro 2010

    Sela de Ouro 2010

    Sela de Ouro 2010

    Sela de Ouro 2010

    Sela de Ouro 2010

    Sela de Ouro 2010

    Sela de Ouro 2010Sela de Ouro 2010

    Sela de Ouro 2010

    Sela de Ouro 2010

    Sela de Ouro 2010

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