• Riding in the country of Mangalarga Marchador

    Dreams come true, who takes part in these excursions!

    Is there anything better thanriding on a Mangalarga Marchador in the “Marcha” gait on endless beaches or crossing shallow bays with water temperatures that are rarely below 25 °C, passing palm groves?- all that for hours, only interrupted by a picnic or a dip in the sea?

    Yes, there is! - especially at night, at full moon, in a group of 20 MM- friends who share with you this new type of happiness on earth!  

    Or do you prefer riding throughnearly pristine rain forests? Have you ever roamedin the endless labyrinth of a sugar cane plantation? How about a trip on horseback, riding in a river-bed with knee-high water only, above you a group of macaw–pairs or a formation of parrots?

    If all this is not sporting enough to you, then just join a specially arranged deer- or fox hunt (excluding deer &fox), pack of dogs included! –or trythe “Prova”, the newly established part in the competition program! “Prova” is an obstacle track to overcome, proving that the Mangalarga Marchador has a far greater potential than just the Marcha in perfection! You don`t need to do it, but you can do it!

    What about archery on horseback or crossing coffee plantations in a speedy Marcha? Get a personal view, how productive the coffee crop this season will be?

    Whom all that will not do, may - in the truest sense of the word - "really take the bull by the horns" and take part in farming and cattle work. Then you will realize that persistence in cattle work was a very early breeding goal of the Mangalarga Marchador.
    Reiten im Land des Mangalarga Marchador

    Reiten im Land des Mangalarga Marchador

    Reiten im Land des Mangalarga Marchador

    Reiten im Land des Mangalarga MarchadorReiten im Land des Mangalarga Marchador
     Reiten im Land des Mangalarga Marchador