• Registration and Pedigree Ownership certificate, Equine passes for Mangalarga Marchador in Europe

    How can European breeders get papers (Equine passes with pedigree and ownership certificate) for foals of the breed Mangalarga Marchador?

    First requirement is the membership and the registration at an association which registers special breeds. Off course there exist many possibilities but we precized the method with the “Verband der Pony- und Pferdezüchter Hessen e.V. (shortly named VPH) in a meeting on January 29, 2014. And these are the requirements:

    1. stallion owner has to be / become member at VPH
    Member fee 60,- € per year incl. Magazine

    2. mare owner has to be / bcome member member at VPH.
    Member fee 60,- € per year incl. Magazine

    3. stallion has to be or will be registered with D N A at VPH. Ideal is if the stallion is “gekört” or will be “gekört” (registered in stallion book I). Alternatively, the stallion could be registered in stallion book II by sending a veterinarian’s confirmation for the breeding qualities

    stallion book I inscription: 80,- € yearly fee: 50,- €
    stallion book II inscription: 220,- € yearly fee: 70,- €

    4. mare has to be or will be registered with D N A ata VPH. Inscription with pedigree:

    collection of several mares 30,- €
    single registration 50,- €
    yearly fee 10,- €

    5. stallion owner has to fill in the covering documentation (Deckschein) of the VPH (download www.eamm.de or www.ponyverband.de). The original has to be send to the mare owner. Copy to VPH. Copy for stallion owner.
    6. After birth of the foal the mare owner has to fill in the foal’s data at the covering document (Deckschein) and send it to VPH.

    7. The VPH is only allowed to act on german ground. Therefore, they would be willing to come to place close to the border (e.g. Aachen for horses of the Netherlands) for registering and chipping of the foals – if wanted.

    Birth confirmation with equine pass and registration:

    Collection of several foals 50,- €
    Single registration 120,- €
    Microchip 10,- €

    Furthermore, there are Kör- und registration events in Hessen, which can be used by any owner with his horse. This allways means promotion for the stallion without paying advertisement etc.

    Not matter which event would be prefered: the foal / horse has to be presented with equine pass . If no pedigree or equine pass exists the passes of the parents (stallion and mare) with D N A has to be brought along. For the D N A existing examination reports could be used or VPH needs 50 hairs with hair roots (not cut but torn out).

    The prices of the VPH are published in the internet www.eamm.de or www.ponyverband.de.
    No guarantee for prices mentioned in this explanation.

    Dates of Kör- and registration events will also be listed at www.ponyverband.de

    Contact for further questions:

    Sekretariat Frau Junkert +49 6155 – 82 56 935 junkert@ponyverband.de
    Klaus Biedenkopf +49 6404 – 5497 d-k-biedenkopf@t-online.de
    Reinhold Eitenmüller +49 6164 – 50536 reinhold.eitenmueller@llh.hessen.de